Something shiny this way comes…

new finvarra cd

the cover!

The wait is almost over….

For us, that is! If all goes to plan we’ll be holding/fondling/grapsing/drooling over the new cd before the week is over. The rest of you shall have to wait ’til june 16, when we officially release it with a rocking folkshow in the Q-Bus in our hometown, Leiden.

…Or do you? Between now and the 16th of june we still have some gigs planned…*wink wink, nudge nudge*
But of course we hope to see your folk-lovin’ self at our CD release party! It’s going to be an Epic Party, with a special guest and new songs! (Yep, we’ve been busy and not just with the cd! As a matter of fact, we’re so excited about the new material that we’ll be premiering one of the new songs this coming weekend! It’s (currently) called Finvarra’s song and it’s entirely original material(meaning we wrote it ourself).
Oh, did I mention yet that the door price at the release party will INCLUDE the new cd? So for €15 you get a full lenght Finfolkfest(1 hr of Finvarra folk) AND the CD! Good deal or what?  Book your ticket early to avoid disappointment!


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