I hear snowbells jingeling…

Tomorrow we’ll be hitting the Archeon Midwinterfair. We’ll be performing at the main stage around noonish (ok, 12.15 to be precise. I just love saying ‘noonish’) along with Rapalje and Kelten zonder Grenzen so we’ll be in the finest of company! We can’t wait to hit the stage (and the market with all those fine shopping opportunities. Patrick? Where’s that wallet?) and later the mulled wine (or hot mead depending on who you ask).  Perhaps the weather Gods will bless the weekend with some snow to add some extra magic? One can only hope..

See you there!


  • Henkie


    Eindelijk een site, leuk! Tot op de midwinterfair…heb zin in jullie optreden!

  • Patrick Broekema


    We zijn supertrots op onze site! En natuurlijk hebben we enorm veel zin om twee spetterende optredens op de fair te geven!! CU there!!

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