Fantasiafest 2011 rocked!

fantasiafest-2The Finvarra gang is back home again after a fun filled weekend playing at Fantasiafest in Meppel. Preparations for Castlefest delayed this post for a bit, but we wouldn’t want anyone to think we had anything less than a blast at this charming little festival! We felt right at home on the Lindenhorst’s quite unique ‘stage’ in front of an audience of family, friends and complete strangers all seated on bales of hay (bales of hay! dontcha just love that!). The reactions of those who had seen us perform there the previous year and hadn’t seen us play since were especially nice, since that performance was plagued by bad luck, sickness and some sound system troubles we weren’t exactly proud of it, but we feel we ‘avenged’ ourselves nicely this year.

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