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Bastaard Fantasy Awards

Our friends over at Bastaard are hosting their very own award show in March, and we have made it to the longlist of one of their catgories! We’re very honoured to have been nominated for ‘Best live act from Belgium or The Netherlands in 2015″.

We would love to make it to the shortlist, but for that to happen we need votes, lots of ‘em! So if you want to help us(and have a facebook profile), click here and then click on us!  It literally only takes about ten seconds, (because there’s  no need to register and confirm your vote) and we’d be ever so grateful!

Upcoming Events

  • Celt-N-Folk XI

    • LocationRentmeesterstraat 2, 1315 JS Almere, Nederland
    • DateSeptember 10, 2016
    • Time19:00 PM
    • Ticket Pricevvk €9,- zaal €12,-
  • Celtic Night

    • LocationGeluwe, 8940 Wervik, België
    • DateSeptember 03, 2016
    • Time00:00 AM

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Vote early and vote often

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